About Us

We provide hosting and IT management services since 2013. We offer wide range of Virtual Private Servers (VPS), as well as physical dedicated servers. Additionally we may provide full management for servers that we host. We always try to be as elastic as possible, so if you cannot find appropriate hosting package, please do not hesitate to contact our Support.

Our hardware

All our services are hosted on our own hardware (both servers and network equipment) collocated in professional Data Center. We use only high-end DC-grade hardware designed for non-stop operations 24 hours a day from leading vendors like Cisco and Juniper (network), HP and Supermicro (servers), APC (power management). The Data Center we use provide ideal working conditions for our hardware including Precision Air Conditioning, redundant backup power solution (redundant power lines, UPSes, diesel generators) as well as advanced physical security (including 24/7 guards, CCTV, electronic access control).

Our Net

We are the member of RIPE NCC (as LIR) - the organization responsible for IP resources (IPv4, IPv6, AS numbers) management in Europe (RIR). This status allowed us to get our own IP resources eligible for further assignment to our Clients in accordance with the RIPE policy. Those resources include our own AS number (AS60964) which we use to provide redundant connection to the Internet based on the BGP dynamic routing protocol capable of automatic redirecting of traffic via backup links in case of the primary link failure. We also run reverse DNS servers for our IP blocks so we may change revDNS (PTR) records for your IPs if you need it.

Company Details


AppDistrict Sp. z o.o.

ul. Balicka 100

30-149 Kraków (PL)


VAT No: PL6772378204

REGON (Co. No): 122988570

KRS (Reg. No): 0000491117

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