How we work?

Requirements Gathering

Based on your initial contact and any follow-up talks we estimate the workload.


We prepare detailed offer for you with cost of the project and milestones for you to accept.

Design and Deployment (if included)

We design the system and deploy it - on each phase we communicate with you to discuss details.


When the system is deployed we would gladly continue to work with you on its maintenance.

What does IT Consulting mean?

What we do?

IT Consulting is a complete solution for deploying and maintaining IT systems of any size. We may support you at any steps of the way: design, pre-production deployment, evaluation (performance, security), production deployment and further maintenance (monitoring, upgrades). We can help you with any system from software that may be installed on Web Hosting (CMS, eCommerce, eLearning, Community Forum etc.), through configuration of VPS for your need to dedicated hardware composed of one or more servers with optional components (like network or storage devices).

What we offer?

We have experience with wide range of IT technologies both software as well as hardware. We're always trying to find the best solution for the task. Sometimes a free and opensource software backed by our know-how would be perfect in other cases we may suggest the commercial package. Also case of hardware we are always looking for best solution for the task - we're not sticking to the single vendor as there is no one solution to fit all. If you need a network switch for small office - top of the line switch ($10K+) would not be the best solution, but on the other hand for the Core layer in the enterprise campus or DC may be needed.

For how much?

In most cases on our website we are trying to give at least estimated prices, because we understand that you want to know even before contacting us. However IT consulting so specific that we may only put estimated hourly rates. For typical service you may expect rates from $26/h for basic level to $39/h for advanced one. Basic level covers tasks such as installation of standard software, VPS/dedicated server configuration and maintenance, configuration of SOHO network devices. Advanced tier covers tasks related to the the clusters of servers / HA, advanced storage (incl. SDS) and network systems, advanced network protocols (like BGP) etc..

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Looking for something else?

Web Design

Online presence is not only advisable but simple required in modern days for a company of any size. It allows reaching potential clients from all over the world. We would like to offer building a solution tailored for the needs of your company without exceeding the available budget. At the same time as the IT infrastructure provider we may offer hosting tailored for the requirements of the system.


Server Management

Any IT system from a single VPS to cluster of servers require proper supervision. It includes monitoring, regular updates and backups. Securing your system is a continuous process which require in-depth knowledge and experience. It cannot be done only once as new bugs are emerging every day. We would gladly take this burden from you for a fair price.


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