Root VPS Packages

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Additionally each package includes

Root Account

You get full (administrator) access to your machine to install and configure what you want.

Pure SSD (RAID10)

The SSDs offer much better performance than spinners - RAID10 combines speed and redundancy.

Multiple Distributions

You like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu? We have them all in many versions - need other - ask us!

1 GBps Link

Take advantage of fast 1 GBps link for the first 10TB/mo. + rest on the 100 Mbps (unmetered).

Best features of our Root VPSes.

Full Virtualization (KVM)

The Full Hardware Virtualization (KVM) allows running full OS - both kernel and userland (unlike Container based VPSes like OpenVZ, which share host kernel) - without modifications (unlike paravirtualized hypervisors like Xen PV). This gives you: security (better isolation than Containers), performance (resources management) and elasticity - you may install any software (even requiring deep OS access like Docker), use custom kernel modules or even compile and use custom/pathed kernel if needed.

Custom VPS Panel

In day to day operation you will obviously manage you server using the SSH or software you have installed on it. However there always may be some problem which would cut you off the server - broken upgrade, service crash, misconfigured interface or firewall. In such cases it's critical to be able to access the server using OOB mechanism. We provide you with our custom build VPS Panel which allows you: emergency access via the graphical noVNC console (pure HTML/JS, no more Java applets), start/stop/restart or ability to reinstall OS.

Disk Snapshots

It's important to perform backups on the OS level - however it's also nice to able to snapshot the whole VPS disk, so you may quickly restore it if you need. In our panel you may create VPS snapshots and keep up to 3 FREE of charge for each VPS. You may then use those snapshots to overwrite current VPS disk. Such functionality is usefull both for production VPSes - to be able to restore previous state in case of crash, but also for expriments - e.g. to rollback development VPS to initial state after some testing.

Looking for something else?

Web Hosting

Shared Hosting is the simplest and most cost effective solution to publish your Web Site or App (such as CMS, Web Store, Blog) as well as to send and receive e-mails. Lower price than in case of VPSes (esp. managed ones) allows smooth start and initial growth. Management of the service is very straightforward via the provided Web tool (CPanel).


Managed VPS

Managed VPS (also known as "Dedicated Hosting") combines the power of virtualized environment that provides user separation and dedicated resources (such as disk, RAM, CPU power) with benefits of Shared Hosting (manageability). We take care of the OS administration (including patches, monitoring, backups) so you do not need to worry about it any longer and give you access to comfortable web based control panel.


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