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Name Registration Renewal Transfer
.PL Domain 2.50 USD 15.00 USD FREE
Functional PL (e.g.: 2.00 USD 12.50 USD FREE
Regional PL (e.g.: 1.00 USD 6.25 USD FREE
.COM Domain 10.15 USD 12.50 USD 12.50 USD
.NET Domain 12.35 USD 13.72 USD 12.35 USD
.ORG Domain 12.35 USD 13.72 USD 12.35 USD
.EU Domain 2.17 USD 8.25 USD 4.65 USD
.IO Domain 82.23 USD 82.23 USD 82.23 USD

Why would I need a domain?

To be found

Not all people come to your site via the web search - many enter directly by typing domain name they have seen or heard somewhere. It may by from a friend, outdoor ad, menu in a restaurant, radio or TV ad etc. In all those cases it's better to have something meaningful as a domain name (like your name, brand or some generic term appropriate for your line of business) in well recognized domain (e.g. .com) than some third or fourth level free subdomain. Without domains people would need to use IPs like - not easiest to remember.

To protect your brand

Brand may be worth significant amount of money. There is no sense to invest huge money in building it and then allow someone to sell competitive products or services on similar name (e.g. on .net, when you are on .com). Of course in such cases you may file a protest to arbitration or court, but as such proceedings take time, money and do not guarantee success (unless your brand is well known or registered for all classes) it might be simple to protect your brand by registering those domains yourself first.


Today you may work locally a single market but tomorrow you may decide to expand to other countries and continents. Not all domains may be bought upfront (before you actually do business there) but many do. So if you have your local country domain, or generic like .com why not think about other. We have domains for many countries or regions (e.g. .eu) as well as generics. Or maybe you're interested in some new domains like .blog for your Blog - possibilities are endless.

In addition you may consider

Web Hosting

Shared Hosting is the simplest and most cost effective solution to publish your Web Site or App (such as CMS, Web Store, Blog) as well as to send and receive e-mails. Lower price than in case of VPSes (esp. managed ones) allows smooth start and initial growth. Management of the service is very straightforward via the provided Web tool (CPanel).


Web Design

Online presence is not only advisable but simple required in modern days for a company of any size. It allows reaching potential clients from all over the world. We would like to offer building a solution tailored for the needs of your company without exceeding the available budget. At the same time as the IT infrastructure provider we may offer hosting tailored for the requirements of the system.


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