Managed VPS Packages

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Additionally each package includes

Proactive Monitoring

We check if your VPS works properly and react if we detect any problems with your services.

SSH Access

You have shell access via SSH which allows operations on files or running background programs.

Daily Backup

We backup your files and databases every day and allow its restoration up to 30 days back.

1 GBps Link

Take advantage of fast 1 GBps link for the first 10TB/mo. + rest on the 100 Mbps (unmetered).

Best features of our Managed VPSes.

Full Management

There comes the time when you need to move from the Shared Web Hosting to the VPS. This usually happens when your sites are too big for comfortable operations on a shared resources. The biggest problem after the move is management - as typical self-managed/root VPS require regular care (which is always provided in case of typical Web Hosting). This is not a case when buying the Managed VPS. As name suggests each VPS comes with full management. So we take care of upgrades, backup, monitoring - you just use it.

Pure SSD RAID 10

All data on the VPS (both OS as well as services such as Databases) are located on the solid-state drives in redundant yet super-fast RAID 10 configuration. This not only boosts input/output intensive services such as databases but also positively influence any software running on the server. SSD enabled servers are also great for many heavy web applications such as large sites or blogs on WordPress, or bigger e-Stores, especially running on software such as Magento.


Web Management

In addition to providing full management we provide you with the easy web based management solution. Both DirectAdmin and CPanel are popular Web Hosting Control Panels in the industry, that allows management of Domains, E-Mail Accounts, Databases as well as many other related aspects. They are also common panel for a Shared Hosting which make transition from it simpler (both by allowing migration of accounts as well as eliminating the need to learn new management tool).

DirectAdmin CPanel/WHM

Looking for something else?

Web Hosting

Shared Hosting is the simplest and most cost effective solution to publish your Web Site or App (such as CMS, Web Store, Blog) as well as to send and receive e-mails. Lower price than in case of VPSes (esp. managed ones) allows smooth start and initial growth. Management of the service is very straightforward via the provided Web tool (CPanel).



The full virtualization mechanism (KVM) used by us allow us to divide physical servers into smaller virtual machines which retains full functionality of the dedicated server. This solution allow you to install any of the wide range of available Operating Systems and the compatible software. At the same time the price of the VPS server is a lot lower than the one of the dedicated server.


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