Why DirectAdmin


Perform all task you need to manage your server – manage domains, databases, mails and more.


Everything is clearly laid out on two layers – access level and appropriate sections of the menu.


As low as 1 GB of RAM and 500 MHz CPU is required so it will work well with any VPS in our offer.


Regardless its features DirectAdmin has reasonable price without any accounts or domains limits.

Modern or Classic?


Modern Evolution skin follows current trends in the website design – this is the default skin which would work best for you unless you are really used to the classic one.


Classic Enhanced skin is was there for many years – if you really have sentiment for the past you may still use it globally on per-account and go back down the memory lane.

Best features of the DirctAdmin


Add multiple domains and setup subdomains for each of them. This enables you to host multiple web applications on your VPS - e.g. for differnt brands, services (main page / blog / e-Commerce) or regions. For each domain you may create distinct set of mail boxes or forward your mail to a single domain as you choose.

Mail Accounts

Showing your offer in the Internet is very important, however it is also important to be able to communicate with your clients or friends. E-mail communication is still an important way to reach this goal so obviusly you will like to be able to send and receive e-mails - set them up with ease in the DirectAdmin.


You may host simple websites even without any database but most webapps such as CMSes/Blogs, Comunity Platforms, E-Learnigng or E-Commerce would require the database. De-facto all of those applications would work well with our MySQL or MariaDB database engine which would be available in your DirectAdmin.

Our Services with the DirectAdmin

Managed VPS

Managed VPS (also known as "Dedicated Hosting") combines the power of virtualized environment that provides user separation and dedicated resources (such as disk, RAM, CPU power) with benefits of Shared Hosting (manageability). We take care of the OS administration (including patches, monitoring, backups) so you do not need to worry about it any longer and give you access to comfortable web based control panel.


Server Management

Any IT system from a single VPS to cluster of servers require proper supervision. It includes monitoring, regular updates and backups. Securing your system is a continuous process which require in-depth knowledge and experience. It cannot be done only once as new bugs are emerging every day. We would gladly take this burden from you for a fair price.


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