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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
At the moment basic payment method for our services available world wide is PayPal, which includes ability to pay via major CreditCards (Visa and MasterCard). If you're looking for other methods (such as Wire or SEPA Transfer) please contact our Support via Ticket.
You need to pay VAT only if you're located in:
  • Poland, or
  • other EU-member state and you do not have a valid Vat Number.
All prices shown on this site are total prices that include proper VAT for your country. If your country seams to be incorrect please click the flag in top right corner at our Homepage to update it and get proper prices. You will be able to provide your VAT No, if you have one during check-out.
Our servers are located in the professional Data Center in Europe, Poland.
Yes, of course.
Sample test IP:
Test file: 100mb.dat
VPS is the runtime environment with specified resource pool (memory, disk), which allows installation of any supported OS and it's software.
This solution gives you the flexibility of the dedicated server for fraction of it's price.
Yes, we offer wide variety of Managed VPS packages. For those packages we offer fully managed server with CPanel or DirectAdmin included.