Our telco offer

The AppDistrict Sp. z o.o. is registered as a Telecommunication Provider in Poland (Registry Number 12062) as well as is the member of the RIPE NCC (LIR) which enables us to offer wide range of telecommunication services in Poland as well as offer procurement and management of IP resources across Europe and the whole area covered by the RIPE NCC.

Symmetric Internet Access

Is the basic telecommunication service enabling businesses access to the Internet where transfer of data is the same both for uplink and downlink. So, in essence you may send and receive data with the same speed. It is essential for modern cloud environments as well as in many lines of business in general (such as creative companies). Our Symmetric Internet Access also comes with public static IP addresses required for your business (such as setting up servers or restricting access to systems via firewall).

Data Transmission Services

Offer you point-to-point links based on the Ethernet (L2) or IP (L3) protocol enabling interconnecting multiple locations such as an HQ, branch offices, data centers or auxiliary locations such as Internet kiosks, IoT devices and similar. We are designing the service on a case-by-case basis based on your requirements. On top of that we can combine aforementioned services with the rest of our offer such as cloud services to provide complex hybrid solutions interconnecting you on-premises infrastructure with the Cloud.

LIR Services

The RIPE NCC is responsible for managing the IP resources (such as IP addresses and Autonomous System Numbers). As a member of RIPE NCC also known as Local Internet Registry (LIR) we can get and maintain on your behalf said IP resources. Please note that it is no longer possible to get new PI IPv4 addresses, but if you already have some, we may manage them as a sponsor LIR. We also can help in getting available resources such as IPv6 addresses and ASNs. We can also provide consulting in preparation of the necessary documentation.

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Web Design

Online presence is not only advisable but simple required in modern days for a company of any size. It allows reaching potential clients from all over the world. We would like to offer building a solution tailored for the needs of your company without exceeding the available budget. At the same time as the IT infrastructure provider we may offer hosting tailored for the requirements of the system.


Web Management

When you already have your site or just ordered it never leave it alone. Without a proper management not only your site content may become obsolete but also wide range of issues may arise. We may point here to all kinds of issues ranging from visual degradation on the more modern browsers to vulnerability to being hacked due to the lack of proper software (like CMS) updates.


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