Our packages

You may choose either one-time service paying fixed hourly rate ($ 32) or one of our efficient packages with monthly rate covering specified hourly limit (with per minutes billing in the monthly span) featuring wide range of included extra services unavailable as one-time service. Of course we may also offer an individual offer - more hours per month, multiple servers or clusters? No problem - ask us - we will get back to you with the free quote.

  • MAN.1H
  • $ 32/mo

  • 1 h/mo

  • Backup up to 200 GB

  • Extra hour:
    $ 29
  • Extra server*:
    $ 23
  • Order
  • MAN.3H
  • $ 79/mo

  • 3 h/mo

  • Backup up to 300 GB

  • Extra hour:
    $ 26
  • Extra server*:
    $ 21
  • Order
  • MAN.5H
  • $ 119/mo

  • 5 h/mo

  • Backup up to 500 GB

  • Extra hour:
    $ 23
  • Extra server*:
    $ 18
  • Order
  • MAN.10H
  • $ 211/mo

  • 10 h/mo

  • Backup up to 1000 GB

  • Extra hour:
    $ 21
  • Extra server*:
    $ 16
  • Order
*Within the shared limit of hours and backup space
All prices excl. VAT.

What is included?

Initial audit and configuration

We will check current state of your system including versions of the installed software, firewall and services configuration. Based on our findings we will suggest required updates and tweaks to provide best security and performance. Of course, we may also fix any issues preventing your applications for proper operations as well as install anything which is missing (services, modules etc.).


We will suggest best backup strategies for your system specific for the installed services. It is important to do it right way as each service may have special needs (e.g. making simple copies of database server files is NOT enough). After determining requirements we will discuss details (such as backup frequency) and configure backups to our server using secure mechanism.


Getting information that something has failed is not good, much better is to predict it. So we will configure proactive monitoring system that will check basic parameters of your server (such as resources usage) to be able to act before something fails. And if preventing failure would not be possible (due to software error, or some external factors) this system would also notify us so we may act quickly to restore the system.


There is no bug free software so it is crucial to upgrade the software regularly. For each of your server covered by the service we will provide regular upgrades (in intervals depending on our contract agreement) as well as additional upgrades after fixes for serious security flaws are detected. In such case we will act as fast as possible (taking into account any time constraints important for you).

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Looking for something else?

Web Design

Online presence is not only advisable but simple required in modern days for a company of any size. It allows reaching potential clients from all over the world. We would like to offer building a solution tailored for the needs of your company without exceeding the available budget. At the same time as the IT infrastructure provider we may offer hosting tailored for the requirements of the system.


Web Management

When you already have your site or just ordered it never leave it alone. Without a proper management not only your site content may become obsolete but also wide range of issues may arise. We may point here to all kinds of issues ranging from visual degradation on the more modern browsers to vulnerability to being hacked due to the lack of proper software (like CMS) updates.


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