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At the moment basic payment method for our services available world wide is PayPal, which includes ability to pay via major CreditCards (Visa and MasterCard). If you're looking for other methods (such as Wire or SEPA Transfer) please contact our Support via Ticket.
Yes, for each payment we will issue the proper VAT Invoice with our valid EU Vat Number in electronic form (as PDF). You may browse your payment details and download Invoices in your Client Area
Invoices in electronic form (called e-Invoices) are most convenient and environment friendly, as they do not need to be printed and there is no need to wait for delivery of the paper document. Also if you would loose the document you may always get it back by downloading from the Client Area.
Yes. If it's absolutely necessary for you to get a printed version you may contact our Support. Please note that extra charge may apply for the international shipping of the Invoice, so please ask us in advance for quote.