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VPS is the runtime environment with specified resource pool (memory, disk), which allows installation of any supported OS and it's software.
This solution gives you the flexibility of the dedicated server for fraction of it's price.

KVM is so-called full virtualization mechanism, which means that it is as close to real hardware (dedicated) server as possible.

For example:

  • it's possible to install multiple different OSes
  • each VPS has own copy of the OS including own kernel
  • you may freely modify OS settings including loading any kernel modules or installing custom kernel
  • offers full emulation of NIC, which enables unrestricted access to network stack (full iptables), and ability to run any advanced network related software such as VPN tunnels.
  • enable you to use fully graphical VNC console, exposed in the Client Area as HTML5 based noVNC
  • allows running software tightly integrated with the OS kernel such as Docker

KVM is also more secure than other solutions (like OpenVZ) as it provides better separation (own kernel), and ability to use block level encryption.

Yes, by default for KVM VPSes and Cloud you will get full root access. Of course it is also possible to buy server from our 'Managed VPS' offer in which case we would be responsible for daily OS management.

Yes, we offer wide variety of Managed VPS packages. For those packages we offer fully managed server with DirectAdmin included. CPanel is also available for a small extra fee.

You may manage the VPS lifecycle directly from your Client Area (start, stop, restart and reinstall server). Also you may access a VNC Console and create a snapshot there. If you are looking for OS level management you may install any of the available panels - including free (VestaCP, Webmin) or commercial (CPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk). You may also order the Managed VPS and get CPanel or DirectAdmin included (plus extra management from us). If you prefer to manage yourself we may offer you DirectAdmin license at good price for any server.

System management is a complex process that require knowledge and experience as improper OS configuration may lead to multiple issues. Due to this fact we would like to offer Fully Managed Servers which would free you from this task. We would take care of your server by applying proper initial configuration and then maintaining it by constant monitoring, installing updates and patches as well as performing regular backups on the OS level.

By default we assign 1 public IPv4 address for each VPS. If you have proper justification (as required by RIPE NCC) you may order up to 3 additional IPs. If for some this limit is insufficient please contact our Support and explain why you need more IPs. In all cases any extra IPs are paid in accordance with the current price list.

By default IPs are assigned by DHCP mechanism. To add more than 1 IP you need to reconfigure your OS for static configuration and configure IPs provided by us on the network interface. We also recommend to set root (or sudo user) password prior to this operation, to enable simple access via noVNC in case of network configuration related issues.